Authors: Jennifer Cahn   Max Vityk, a Ukrainian-born American artist and geologist, has produced an ambitious series of paintings entitled The Outcrops inspired by those areas of the earth's bedrock exposed through erosion and man-made roads. In The Outcrops, Vityk charts the entire geological timescale of earth using a foam and enamel paint technique, viscerally denoting the earth's evolution over millions of years. This combination of materials creates textures amazingly reminiscent of living rock formations, oozing and flowing on large-scale canvases. As a member of the new generation of...
This book presents Max Vityk's latest, seminal series of paintings—The Warriors of Light—twelve major works reflecting the historical revolutionary events Vityk lived and moved through during 2011–15. Also included here are insightful descriptions of the artist, his development and influences, the genesis of The Warriors of Light series, and the impact of Vityk's work in essays by art critics Nahla Samaha (Cairo), Annelien Bruins (New York), Victoria Burlaka (Kyiv), and Olesya Avramenko (Kyiv).   Buy:  
VITYK, Monograph by Olesya Avramenko, Introduction by Oleksiy Tytarenko.     Published by Modern Art Research Institute Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Kyiv, 2011.  Hardcover, 121 pages.   Author and art historian Olesya Avramenko presents the work of American-Ukrainian artist Max Vityk to cover his early artistic period - a decade from 2001 to 2011.